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First off let me start off saying that with my picks I was 2-2 should have been 3-1 but the cursed Chiefs caused me.  Lets move on to the Wildcard Sunday.

The game with the Chargers and Bengals was a little bit of a surprise for me because Bengals have more talent and had not lost all year at home.  Chargers first off came out with the best game plan so you have to give Kudos to the coaching staff.  Philip Rivers has been playing great this year and he put forth a next great performance.  Their running game was pretty good also helping them to control the clock.  That being said this was Cincy’s game to lose and they lost it.  For a third straight year in the playoffs Dalton choked and in all 3 games combined he only threw one TD.  The Bengals had many chances but failed to capitalize and the turnovers killed them.  I don’t think much changes need to be made to the Bengals team just gaining some mental toughness so in the future they can pull out games like this.  People will talk bad about Dalton but his 3rd year and 3rd playoff appearance.  he just has to grow in future.

Moving on to what I think had to be the game of the week.  Packers and 49ers is an all time rivalry and bound to be a great game.  The 49ers but together a really good season and the packers has come with a late surge.  The Packers may have had a slight advantage because of the great home field.  Rodgers also had something he has never had which is an amazing running back.  The day after the game all the announcers will say What went wrong for Green bay?  Truth is nothing went wrong for them.  Eddie Lacy had a decent game against a great defense.  Rodgers made some great throws and the receivers made some good catches.  Their defense who was missing a few key pieces where able to hold SF to a couple field goals when TD’s should have been scored.  The fact is at the end of the game SF played their game on the last drive.  Hard smashmouth football Frank Gore up the middle.  If Dawson missed that field goal and they went into OT and GB scored a TD we would be saying; What went wrong with SF?  I do have some criticism for Jim Harbaugh though.  It was nothing that he did this year it was his decision last year picking Kapernick over Alex Smith.  Although Smith lost the game it proved he is a much better QB than Kapernick. Kapernick is big and he is a great runner which allows him to get receivers open.  You can see from his throws though he has a big arm but he is not that accurate.  He is not making the amazing throws that he needs to.  One of his saving graces is his offensive weapons between Gore, Crabtree, Boldin and Davis; the defense had alot to deal with.  I believe that SF can still make it to the superbowl and win it but it will have to be from the defence because Kapernick will not do it on his own.




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Let me start by saying I was kind of disapointed because my Dolphins choked and didn’t make it but I am an NFL fan so i will still enjoy this wildcard weekend.

We should begin in the AFC.


These are two teams despite their record who kind of limped into the playoffs when compared to their start. Indy’s realized that the loss of reggie wayne was a pretty big one. Andrew luck is still a pretty impressive quarterback that helped them survive a pretty weak AFC South. The Chiefs on the other hand was a defensive juggernaut for most of the begining of the year. After meeting Denver for the first game it seemed the defence has collpased and the offence has taking over. The Chiefs don’t have what it takes to win a Superbowl but they do have a better defence than the Colts. This game will either be a low scoring or a shootout no inbetween. The team that wins the rushing yards game will win the game. Both teams except for the Chiefs dwayne Bowe have all average recivers that will not be the key.

My Prediction Cheifs 24 to Colts 17


This will be an exciting game all around. Both teams are very aggresive and want to move on badly. The chargers were able to align all the stars with the right teams losing and them winning to advance. A team like this is dangerous they are riding a High and now that they are in pose a real threat to any team. They have a great QB in Philip Rivers and a running back in Ryan Matthews who finally has durability and it living up to his draft expectations. Keenan Allen is an amazing young wide reciever who give them a chance on every throw. Cinicinati has been a playoff team the last few years and had their hopes destroyed by the Texans. This year the Texans are far from the playoffs leaving no obstacles for them. Andy Dalton wants to silence all of the critics who are not sure which side he is on a line between good and bad qb. AJ green should rank in the top 4 of any Wide reciever conversation in the NFL. The Bengals are ready to be great and are unbeaten at home for the year.

Bengals 31 Chargers 21


The Eagles are playing great ball coming to the end of the season. Shady Mccoy is running over the competition and Nick foles is making it look quite easy at QB. They are supposed to have the top ranked offence in the NFL. They are at home and are playing pretty well. The Saints have been playing well also this year. Late in the season they have tappered off just a little which probably caused them to lose the NFC South to the Panthers. They do not have an elite running back but sprooles is great in the screen game and their passing game opens up the ability for them to run. This will be an offensive shootout in which the Saints have a better defence and the better defensive coordinator. Foles is a good QB but not as good as his numbers are. The truth is many teams spent the year preparing for Vick. Now that the Eagles have Foles there is not much tape on him to really scheme for him during the season. Make no mistake though Payton will have a plan for him in the postseason.



This is going to be the best game of the wildcard weekend by far. It is the game that has 2 teams in it that have a legitamte Superbowl chance. The Packers have a combination of luck and skill. Aaron Rodgers was out for weeks and they were able to oull out a couple close wins and a tie to win a NFC North that it seems Detroit or Chicago did not want. With rodgers and randall cobb back the packers have a big boost in offence. They have always had Jordy nelson and james jones and a few young recivers have made this offence very dangerous. Eddie Lacy is an animal and the RB that Rodgers never had. He gives them the ability for a dual threat offence. Their defence however is not very good and will depend on the offence to win this game. The 49ers have an amazing defence. They hold their opponents to low scores alot of times. Kapernick has been a disapointment this year when compared to last year. This year his problem has been teams have already found schemes that work against him and his offensive weapons were limited. Just in time Crabtree is back and he is an amazing reciver that can really open up the offence. With frank gore managing the clock with his tough running and coach’s innovative plays the 49ers will pull it out in a close 1.

49ers 24 Packers 20


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