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This past sunday set the stage again….the oppurtunity for Romo to fail again.  The chance for his doubters and nay sayers to pile on him again.  It seems that whenever Cowboys fail he takes all the blame but when they succeed he gets little praise.

It is funny that one of two plays will determine what the next morning’s headline will be.  If missed you will be hated by the entire city and if the plays are made you are hero for a day.  Romo throws interceptions because he is trying too hard.  he is trying to hard because 1.  the defence sucks and 2 his coaches suck.  By reading this you may think I am a Cowboys fan and im not…I am actually a Dolphins fan.  I just see the absolute talent this guy Romo has and the chances his talent gives his team.

Next week for the 3rd time in 3 years that the Cowboys are in a Win and you are in situation for the division.  I hope that Romo succeeds so that he finally gets some recognition instead of being criticized for the faults of a whole team. Romo is by far not perfect…but there are many teams that wud prefer him to their QB.

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