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Broncos Stomped Seahawks

Broncos Stomped Seahawks

Broncos Stomped Seahawks


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Richard Sherman has become a household name over the last week by both football fans and non fans.  He has been called alot of things mainly “thug” but what really what did he do?

Did he commit a off the field violation?  Well if he did do something that was against the NFL rules or policies he would have been suspended or fined.  Did he do drugs or has he tested positive for banned or illegal drugs? Was he arrested or accused of a crime?  Did he curse on national television?  The answer to all these questions is NO.  So then what is America’s problem with Sherman.

The main problem America has with him is RACE.  Truth is a black man with dreadlocks who is screaming near a WHITE woman is scary for white america because they are afraid of what he would do.  As a black person the behavior of some of us have led America to these fears.  However until Sherman does something that is against the rules and the law we cannot judge him based on less than 2 minutes.

Why the NFL needs Richard Sherman? The NFL needs Richard Sherman because number one he does what is asked of him.  Despite the fact that he comes off as cocky  he doesn’t go rogue he plays the plays that are called for him.  What makes him so good?  His intellect and amazing physical talents allow him to make plays that others can’t.  What is amazing?  This guy is playing this well and makes under a million dollars a year.  In the past we have glorified showboaters like Deion Saunders who is one of my all time favorite players.  Look at some of the NFL players today; beating up their mom, DUI, busted with marijuana, beating their wives and having an army of outside children.  Why is Sherman who does not have a record of being in trouble come off so bad?  This is one of the guys with a Stanford Education who after football can get a legitimate good job other than hosting a pregame show.

I love what Sherman said and love what he did.  Like Herm Edwards said…He put his name on it.  If you are the best I say brag about it.  People may say this is not good sportmanship but football is a tough gritty game and I want my players to be tough and gritty too.  I laugh at the media though because they think they are playing Sherman and maybe he is playing them.  2 weeks ago outside of football fans  no one knew his name and now hate him or like him he is a household name.

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Peyton will most likely go down as the best or one of the best passers in history.  There is little flaws in his game and little people can criticize him about.  But there are two things people say; HE DOES’T PLAY WELL IN COLD AND HE HAS ONLY WON 1 SUPERBOWL.

Lets start off with his positives; he is an amazing professional and does well with the media. Manning is a hard worker and spends numerous hours in preparation both on the field and off. He is great at analyzing defenses and exploiting their weaknesses.  He is also great at adjusting his game to cover any weakness he has.  So why then does he need this superbowl?

We have to go to Dan Marino who many consider the top passer in the game.  However he will never be known as the greatest because he has never WON  superbowl.  So Peyton has won 1 superbowl and lost one but the truth is to give himself a chance to be known as the best he has to win this one.  John Elway has won 2, Tom Brady has won 3, Joe Montana has won 4 and at the end of the day that matters.  It is kind of unfair to judge a quarterback’s legacy on how many Superbowl’s he has won seeing that he only plays on 1/3 of the the team but that is the way it is done.

If Manning does not win this superbowl he will be 1-2 in superbowls and it will tarnish his legacy. In all honesty it probably will be his last superbowl when you consider how hard it is to make the superbowl back to back years.  Losing this game will also bring out the detractors who will echo that he plays badly in the cold.  Manning has been consistent in the regular season but not as much success deep in the playoffs.  Reason for this is not fully his fault because in playoffs teams scheme to take him away and the rest of his team does not step up.  No matter what his teammates do this year Peyton has to leave it all on the field because this will be his defining moment.

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Starting off I will admit that I was 0-2 this weekend but there were certain keys two both games that I will go into.  This was one of the greatest football weekends in a long time.

I wondered at the beginning of the weekend why wasn’t the Patriots Broncos game the last one seeing that it had the marquee matchup with Brady and Manning.  I guess however the NFL knew what it was doing when it put the 49ers and Seahawks game for primetime.  The key to this game was when Talib went out of the game; That pretty much sealed the Patriots fate. All of the time that he was in he was able to shut down Demarius Thomas and when he went out Thomas was able to shred their not so good defense.  Make no mistake  that the scheming by Belichick actually gave them a chance defensively but eventually their flaws were exposed because Denver has way too much weapons.  The Pats should be applauded for their success so far because they have done so without alot of key pieces.  On the offense Welker was now on the Broncos, Hernandez is in jail, Gronk out again and besides Edelman they have no real receiver because Amandola has not lived up to expectation.  On defense big pieces like Spikes and Wilfork didn’t play.  In the end Congrats to the Broncos but would have hoped that pats had more of their people so we could have had a better game.

San Fran and Seattle OMG!!!!!! this game might be better than the superbowl.  It was the perfect game; one that it was a 50 / 50 chance for anyone to win in the last 50 seconds.  It was a great game and who could have asked for more. It did prove one thing that I have been saying in the past; that Kapernick was not playing well as a quarterback.  This was against the best defense in the league and it showed his flaws.  His running ability and strong arm allowed him in the past to get away with some fundamental mistakes in the past but not against this amazing defense.  He ran very well in this game but he threw badly.  I think he gave up on alot of plays and instead of using his legs to open up passes downfield he chose to run alot of the times.  Make no mistake he was successful in the running game but he made too many mistakes.  He tried to fit in balls that were bad decisions and on that last play instead of throwing up a ball that only Crabtree can catch; he threw a jumpball into double coverage.  Coach made one big mistake and it was not in this game.  His big mistake was picking Kapernick over Alex Smith.  Alex Smith would not have made those bad throws and I believe with him they might have won the superbowl last year.  But on to the NFC champions; Pete Carroll came up with one hell of a game plan.  Percy Harvin was out and I was surprised the offensive output that Seattle had.  The 3 receivers Baldwin, Tate and Kearse showed toughness and big play ability.  Russell Wilson was able to extend alot of plays with his legs and besides his opening drive fumble took care of the ball well most of the game.  The defining moment however was what Seattle thrived in during the year….their defense.  Richard Sherman was a stud as usual and made an amazing athletic play to tip the ball and enable the interception.  he deserves the player of the game award and I am happy for a team like Seattle who have come a long way.

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