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Baltimore -2.5      Steelers

Baltimore has started of 0-3 for the first time in their history.  The Steelers lost Big Ben and that is a big lost.  I do not know which Mike Vick we will see.  The Vick with the Jets was not good because the talent level sucked.  Vick is prone to turnovers but he still has some speed and a big arm.  I just feel ravens are more desperate and a few days is too little for Vick to be ready.

Baltimore -2.5

Jets -1.5              Dolphins

My team the Dolphin sucks despite all of the talent.  Their big problem of course is the coach.  The Jets are not as great as people thought the first two weeks.  In typical Joe Philbin style he will win this game to save his job and probably go back to the same old boring Joe next week.

Dolphins +2.5

Colts -9      Jags

The Colts have been horrible so far and the Jags have been better than last year and that does not say much.  The Colts will not be a serious contender unless Gore and Johnson play a bigger role.  I say they barely cover here.

Colts -9

Falcons -6.5       Texans

Texans have 2 backups as QB and the only way they can beat a team is with defense.  Falcons offense has looked great so far this year and Texans can’t score enough.

Falcons -6.5

Panthers -3        Bucs

The bucs have shown they are not as bad as they were week 1.  They also show they do have a long way to go.  The panthers are not an offense machine but they will muster enough to beat the Bucs.

Panthers -3  

Bills -5.5       Giants

Bills looked great beating the dolphins but they have not gotten to the level of the Patriots.  The Giants are better than their record and could easily be 3-0.  I think the two teams match up pretty tight and Bills may win but Giants will cover.

Giants +5.5

Raiders -3     Bears

Raiders have been playing great.  Carr has them putting up points on offense and the D look decent. I do not think they are a playoff team but could easily win 7 or 8.  The bears are without Culter just when he started off good.  Clausen will be a turnover machine.

Raiders -3

Eagles -3     Redskins

Redskins are an OK team not as bad as some thought they would be.  The Eagles showed a little sign of life last week against the Jets.  Eagles have a slight advantage here and they will win.

Eagles -3

Bengals -4     Chiefs

Bengals have looked good so far and so has KC but KC had some tough opponents that they lost to. It should be a good matchup and I give Cincy the edge because they are at home.

Bengals -4

Chargers -7.5       Browns

Josh Mcown sucks and look Manziel is not the saviour now but he gives a better chance to win than Mcown.  The chargers have not lived up to expectation but they do cover here.

Chargers -7.5  

Packers -8.5     49ers

49ers finally are who we thought they were. that first week against the Vikings was a farce. Packers have been clicking on offense and it will continue here.

Packers -8.5

Denver -6.5     Vikings

Broncos D has been doing a great job this year and for once a Peyton team does not have to fully rely on him.  Vikings have been playing good ball especially with Peterson back.  At home though I think the Broncos will still roll probably only by a TD but enough to cover.

Denver -6.5

Arizona -7      Rams

Rams have been an up and down team and really only showed they can score against the seahawks. I dont believe Foles is that good and thats a big problem.  Cards look good on offence and defense and they should cover 7.

Arizona -7

Saints -4     Cowboys

I am rolling Cowboys all day.  They almost beat Atlanta with a backup QB in his first week taking over for Romo.  The Saints got beat with Brees at home by Tampa bay so they are not the Saints of old.

Saints -4

Seattle -10      Lions

Seattle does not have what they had last year at least not yet. The Lions are not as bad as their 0-3 record shows.  They put up a fight in the last game and while I am sure Seattle will win I think the Lions can cover.

Lions +10

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Giants -3.5 Redskins

Surprisingly this may be an interesting game.  With Philly’s bad play and Dallas losing Romo and Dez these two teams have a much better chance of winning this division than we thought week 1. The Giants have had the Redskins numbers for the past few seasons and I go with them.

Giants -3.5

Steelers -1.5 and Rams

Week 1 the Steelers put up a decent effort against the Pats and the Rams looked like a playoff team.  Back to earth now the Steelers are pretty good and they are getting Bell back in the run game.  Rams have a great D but go with the best QB on the road, I am not a big Foles fan.

Steelers -1.5

Vikings -2.5   Chargers

Both of these are pretty decent teams and maybe one of the hardest picks of the week. The Vikings are home but I will take the Chargers in this because I really don’t like how Vikings lost to a not so good 49ers team in week 1

Chargers +2.5

Housten -6.5   Bucs

The Bucs absolutely stunk in the first week against the Titans.  I was really wondering if Winston was a bust in the first week.  Week 2 he showed he has the arm and may have potential to break the mold of Heisman winners at QB not being good in the NFL.  Housten probably has the better defense with 2 third string QBs.  Housten may win this one but I think famous Jaemis keeps it close.

Bucs +6.5

Jets -2.5     Eagles

Who would have thought the Jets would be 2-0 and eagles 0-2. Seems they are going in opposite directions. Fitz has looked good at QB the first couple weeks and the Jets D look great.  The eagles however do have a good amount of offensive weapons and Chip is starting to feel the heat after all his offseason moves. Be prepared for Chip to compromise his system a bit to get their first win because hes desperate.

Eagles +2.5

Panthers -6.5    Saints

The Panthers are not an offensive juggernaut by any means but this one is easy.  Drew brees may or may not play.  Even if he does though Carolina defense is pretty good that paired with them being home and Saints offensive being very watered down since trading Jimmy Graham.

Panthers -6.5

Pats -13.5   Jags

New England looks incredible. The jags beat my team Miami last week and Miami really stunk it up.  New England wont make the same mistake especially at home.  Look for Pats to put up over 40 points and Bortles to get a beaten.

Pats -13.5

Ravens -2.5   Bengals

Division games are usually tough to call.  The ravens have been known for tough D from I started watching football.  This year however they seem soft especially with the loss of Suggs.  The Bengals have had ravens number for the past few seasons and they are a better team.  Flaco is better than Dalton  but since this is not a playoff game go Dalton

Bengals +2.5

Browns -3.5   Raiders

Raiders to win 2 in a row? What year is this? Yep believe it.  Raiders are not a great team but they will be good for 6 or 7 games this year. Starting McCown for browns is about as exciting as kissing your sister.  Expect for the Browns to lose. if Manziel started I would probably pick Browns not because he is great but he brings a spark.

Raiders +3.5

Colts -3.5    Titans

The colts really let me down the first 2 weeks and looked terrible.  The offence is in shambles, running game is not what it was thought to be.  Gore and Johnson seem to only add age to the roster so far.  their defense is nothing to brag about either.  On the other hand Mariota is not what he showed in week 1 and will put up a game similar to last week this week. Run with Colts.

Colts -3.5

Atlanta -1.5    Cowboys

Before their injuries Dallas looked poised to be a real Superbowl contender.  That being said i think they have a complete team that could still make the playoffs.  this week however while they decide whether they will keep Weeden or start Cassell until Romo returns I think the ATL gets the best of them.

ATL -1.5

Arizona -6.5      49ers

49ers are not as bad as we thought they was but don’t mistake that for being good.  The Steelers could be charged with assult for what they did to them last week and Arizona should get the death penalty for what they will do this week.  Cards roll

Arizona -6.5

Seattle -14.5  Bears

I hate high point spreads but this one I will have to go with.  The hawks offence is slowly coming together and the addition of Chancellor in the D should give them an advantage.  Jimmy Clausen is about to be lunch meat

Seattle -14.5  

Miami -3     Buffalo

Miami is my team and we have been playing real bad. This one is a tough one for me because Bills have owned us and Rex Ryan has had success against us.  I think it will be a close game and if Miami wins it will be 3 or less

Buffalo +3

Denver -3    Detroit

So far this season Detroit has not looked that good at all Denver has a fierce D that causes alot of turnovers.  Some people feel that Manning has lost it and its probably his last season.  I think its possible its his last season but he hasn’t lost it. The coach tried to put in a new offence and so far it has failed.  They will go back to the usual offence this week expect Peyton to throw 4TDs

Denver -3

Green bay -6.5   Chiefs

The Chiefs are a good team but they are on the road against one of the best QB’s in the league.  Rodgers numbers and stats at home are great.  And they win by  more than a TD.

Green bay -6.5

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OUR MVP (Michael Sam)

OUR MVP (Michael Sam)

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This is one of the greatest NFL Seasons in the past few years having some interesting matchups during the year.  However this Superbowl will be one the the best Superbowl’s there has ever been.  We have the best offense in the NFL against the top defense in the league.  Peyton Manning the Sheriff against Richard Sherman the “trash talker”.  This is one Superbowl where there was not a clear outright favorite however Denver is the odds on favorite.

The initial concern of weather most likely snow seem to no longer be a factor.  It will be very cold though.  Lets talk about Denver’s offense first.  Manning is of course the centerpiece he is the reason they have a passing and running game.  Moreno is a decent running back and he is tough, he takes advantage of the defense being afraid of the dynamic passing game.  Manning is the best at the line at changing the play and exposing the opposition.  His arm isn’t what it use to be but Denver is very good at the short pass turning into big play ability.  Welker, Decker and the two Thomas could all be the star receiver on a team and covering them all is nearly impossible.  Seahawks are however the one team that has the secondary that has a chance to cover them.  In the championship game the Patriots; before the injury to Talib were able to contain the Broncos receivers.  The Seahawks have a much better secondary but Denver will still have it’s good plays.

On the next side of the ball lets look at the Denver defense.  The defense is good although it is not what people thought it might be earlier in the season.  They are ok against the run and the pass but they are nothing special. The Seattle offense on its face is not that explosive but they proved against the 49ers that they are better than we thought.  Russell Wilson is a very good second year quarterback that uses his legs to extend a play.  He also has a big arm and he is able to run when necessary.  Marshawn Lynch will be a key to it all whether he can run against Denver or not.  His runs are very important to open up the pass game for two very good receivers Tate and Baldwin.  They are not the fastest or tallest but they are physical and give great effort.  However if he can stay on the field Percy harvin will be very important.  When you think about athletes in the NFL he is one of the best.  His speed and good play could open the lanes for the other guys.  An even though he hasn’t really played all year; signing him in the offseason would pay off if only for this game.

At the end of it all despite the fact that none of the team has ever been to a Superbowl I think that the Seahawks will win 26-20

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Richard Sherman has become a household name over the last week by both football fans and non fans.  He has been called alot of things mainly “thug” but what really what did he do?

Did he commit a off the field violation?  Well if he did do something that was against the NFL rules or policies he would have been suspended or fined.  Did he do drugs or has he tested positive for banned or illegal drugs? Was he arrested or accused of a crime?  Did he curse on national television?  The answer to all these questions is NO.  So then what is America’s problem with Sherman.

The main problem America has with him is RACE.  Truth is a black man with dreadlocks who is screaming near a WHITE woman is scary for white america because they are afraid of what he would do.  As a black person the behavior of some of us have led America to these fears.  However until Sherman does something that is against the rules and the law we cannot judge him based on less than 2 minutes.

Why the NFL needs Richard Sherman? The NFL needs Richard Sherman because number one he does what is asked of him.  Despite the fact that he comes off as cocky  he doesn’t go rogue he plays the plays that are called for him.  What makes him so good?  His intellect and amazing physical talents allow him to make plays that others can’t.  What is amazing?  This guy is playing this well and makes under a million dollars a year.  In the past we have glorified showboaters like Deion Saunders who is one of my all time favorite players.  Look at some of the NFL players today; beating up their mom, DUI, busted with marijuana, beating their wives and having an army of outside children.  Why is Sherman who does not have a record of being in trouble come off so bad?  This is one of the guys with a Stanford Education who after football can get a legitimate good job other than hosting a pregame show.

I love what Sherman said and love what he did.  Like Herm Edwards said…He put his name on it.  If you are the best I say brag about it.  People may say this is not good sportmanship but football is a tough gritty game and I want my players to be tough and gritty too.  I laugh at the media though because they think they are playing Sherman and maybe he is playing them.  2 weeks ago outside of football fans  no one knew his name and now hate him or like him he is a household name.

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Peyton will most likely go down as the best or one of the best passers in history.  There is little flaws in his game and little people can criticize him about.  But there are two things people say; HE DOES’T PLAY WELL IN COLD AND HE HAS ONLY WON 1 SUPERBOWL.

Lets start off with his positives; he is an amazing professional and does well with the media. Manning is a hard worker and spends numerous hours in preparation both on the field and off. He is great at analyzing defenses and exploiting their weaknesses.  He is also great at adjusting his game to cover any weakness he has.  So why then does he need this superbowl?

We have to go to Dan Marino who many consider the top passer in the game.  However he will never be known as the greatest because he has never WON  superbowl.  So Peyton has won 1 superbowl and lost one but the truth is to give himself a chance to be known as the best he has to win this one.  John Elway has won 2, Tom Brady has won 3, Joe Montana has won 4 and at the end of the day that matters.  It is kind of unfair to judge a quarterback’s legacy on how many Superbowl’s he has won seeing that he only plays on 1/3 of the the team but that is the way it is done.

If Manning does not win this superbowl he will be 1-2 in superbowls and it will tarnish his legacy. In all honesty it probably will be his last superbowl when you consider how hard it is to make the superbowl back to back years.  Losing this game will also bring out the detractors who will echo that he plays badly in the cold.  Manning has been consistent in the regular season but not as much success deep in the playoffs.  Reason for this is not fully his fault because in playoffs teams scheme to take him away and the rest of his team does not step up.  No matter what his teammates do this year Peyton has to leave it all on the field because this will be his defining moment.

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If you are a real Seahawks fan than this shirt is for you. You know that Marshawn Lynch is a big part of your offence and this shirt celebrates his love for the candy.

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If you have been a fan over the years of the dominance of this great team then this T-shirt is for you. Only real fans can appreciate this T-shirt. Dallas can no longer be considered America’s Team it is now the Patriots with Brady and Belichick.

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