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MVP of course is short for Most valuable Player and everyone has their only criteria for judging who is the best. For me it means the player…who if removed would have the greatest negative impact on the team. Of course to even be in contention for this award for the most part your team has to have some reasonably high amount of sucess for that year. All this being said the MVP award will come down to two player…arguably 2 of the best QB of all time. Brady vs Manning.

This year Peyton manning is playing light out. He has just passed Brady’s TD record for the year. He is passing for an incredible amount of yards and for some people he is the clear MVP. I however feel that this year he does not deserve the award this year…YEP I SAID IT. 2 years ago Tim tebow took these same Denver Broncos to the playoffs and actually won the wildcard game. Manning now has 2 other weapons…the tight end Thomas and Wes welker that Tebow didnt have. Now of course Manning vs Tebow will never be a discussion but it shows that Manning is surrounded by Great talent.

Tom Brady on the other hand has not had a great reciver since Randy Moss. Tom Brady has never really been blessed with great recievers like Manning but he gets it done. Brady had 2 great TE’s one now in jail and the other injured most of the season. He is throwing to guys like Thompkins…one new TE whose name sounds like Honolulu and making it work. Make no mistake if Brady is out the Pats are dead in the water. Belicheck is probably the best coach in the nfl but seeing that alot of the other positions have rookies their abilities to win would be limited.

So to end it all Tom Brady is the obvious MVP.  What he has done with the little talent he has around them he has made them better.  He has put his team in a position to win another title and is your obvious MVP this year


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