This is one of the greatest NFL Seasons in the past few years having some interesting matchups during the year.  However this Superbowl will be one the the best Superbowl’s there has ever been.  We have the best offense in the NFL against the top defense in the league.  Peyton Manning the Sheriff against Richard Sherman the “trash talker”.  This is one Superbowl where there was not a clear outright favorite however Denver is the odds on favorite.

The initial concern of weather most likely snow seem to no longer be a factor.  It will be very cold though.  Lets talk about Denver’s offense first.  Manning is of course the centerpiece he is the reason they have a passing and running game.  Moreno is a decent running back and he is tough, he takes advantage of the defense being afraid of the dynamic passing game.  Manning is the best at the line at changing the play and exposing the opposition.  His arm isn’t what it use to be but Denver is very good at the short pass turning into big play ability.  Welker, Decker and the two Thomas could all be the star receiver on a team and covering them all is nearly impossible.  Seahawks are however the one team that has the secondary that has a chance to cover them.  In the championship game the Patriots; before the injury to Talib were able to contain the Broncos receivers.  The Seahawks have a much better secondary but Denver will still have it’s good plays.

On the next side of the ball lets look at the Denver defense.  The defense is good although it is not what people thought it might be earlier in the season.  They are ok against the run and the pass but they are nothing special. The Seattle offense on its face is not that explosive but they proved against the 49ers that they are better than we thought.  Russell Wilson is a very good second year quarterback that uses his legs to extend a play.  He also has a big arm and he is able to run when necessary.  Marshawn Lynch will be a key to it all whether he can run against Denver or not.  His runs are very important to open up the pass game for two very good receivers Tate and Baldwin.  They are not the fastest or tallest but they are physical and give great effort.  However if he can stay on the field Percy harvin will be very important.  When you think about athletes in the NFL he is one of the best.  His speed and good play could open the lanes for the other guys.  An even though he hasn’t really played all year; signing him in the offseason would pay off if only for this game.

At the end of it all despite the fact that none of the team has ever been to a Superbowl I think that the Seahawks will win 26-20

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