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When people mention “The One” besides from thinking of the movie we usually think of that right partner in our lives.  There is a claim that there is someone for everyone somewhere in the world.  Well since there is almost 7 billion people in a world with many different languages it is hard to believe that there is just one person who is right for you. What you can thrive for however is finding THE ONE out of the ones you meet who is best for you.

Settling…. is something we do in our personal life and our professional life it is not just about relationships.  When we go into a fast food restaurant and order a Coke and they say they are out then we settle for a Pepsi.  We don’t hate Pepsi but we prefer Coke but above all we want to quench our thirst. In this case it is impractical to wait until we can find a Coke soda but when it comes to relationships its best not to jump at the first alternative we are given.  Patience is a quality that many of us lack.  That is why in relationships we often get the Pepsi or even the Ginger Ale because we are not patient enough to get the Coke.  The thing about settling is it is sometimes better than getting what we really want.  You may want that Coke soda really bad even though you know the upset stomach it gives you later that night.  The Ginger ale however may be much gentler on your stomach although its taste is not the same as the Coke.  So that same person you see as being THE ONE may cause you so much physical and mental pain that settling is the best thing for you.

Decision making. YOU are in control of your heart so when you make a decision you have to stick with it… for your sake and for those you care about.  You cannot open up your heart to someone else if you are crazy in love with someone else you can’t have for some reason.  If you do this you run the risk of hurting a person that really cares about you.  Never rush into a decision about going into a long term relationship with someone because it can be disastrous if you are wrong.

What THE ONE should NOT be.  The one shouldn’t be the most beautiful or sexy person that you know.  These physical attributes please us visually but doesn’t make that person the right one. We shouldn’t base who we want to be with on who you can make the best looking children with.  The truth is as we age and other circumstances can cause looks to go away and then this person would no longer be so special.  This is not to say that you shouldn’t have a beautiful or sexy partner it just should not be your main criteria.  Part of the physical part of the relationship is sex and the person you are with and you should have a good sexual connection.  However you should not choose that person that has your eyes closed, fist clenched on the sheets, moaning and groaning at the top of your lungs during sex just based on this fact.  Money is also not a reason to believe a person is the right one for you.  Wealth is something that does not always last and when it goes away then what is left?

What THE ONE should be. This has to be the person you cannot live your life without.  Someone you wake up thinking of and go back to sleep thinking about.  That special one that always has your best interest at heart and rather be doing something boring with you than doing something exciting with someone else.  They can be your lover and your friend at the same time; who you can tell all your secrets to.  They have to be your world and you are their own.

In closing just choose your partner wisely because what may seem GOOD to you is not always BEST for you.

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