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Many people have jobs and they are unhappy either with the work conditions or the paycheck and some do not have a job at all.  All these people would like to find a GOOD JOB OR BETTER JOB. I will outline for you how to do this.

In order to find that job you want you first have to find out WHO YOU ARE.  To do this make a list of all the positions and companies that you would like to work for.  Next write down any past job experience you have and the things you have done there.  This can be a summer job, family business  or just any other job or skill you have.  This will narrow down where you want to target your resumes toward.

One of the most important parts about finding a good job is the resume.  First impressions last and the resume is a company’s first impression of you. The resume itself should be proofread and be presented in a good format.  The first part of the resume should be the objective.  You can try and make the objective kind of general because you will probably use this resume alot of different places.  Your objective should include positive things like you want to learn on the job and help the company get better.

Not everyone is a 4.0 student so the education part of the resume may be easier for some than others.  If you do have great grades then show them off, clearly state your GPA.  However if you do not then just put the dates you attended the school and that you graduated.  Inclusion in certain school clubs will help your resume also any special certificates will boost your employment chances. Computers are important in most jobs now so it would help if you have knowledge of Microsoft Office and any other business programs would also help your chances.

The main part of your resume is work experience.  If you have alot of work experience try and condense it down to the 3 or 4 jobs you stayed on the longest and the ones you would get the best reference from.  Having alot of jobs all for a short period of time will hurt your chances because they will feel you can’t keep a job.  Think back to your former jobs and find a way to make your duties sound important without lying.  An example is you worked in a store and you counted all deliveries and stock.  Saying that you did the work of an inventory clerk will be truthful and sounds good.  Try and keep any job duties to short bullet points because you can go in depth at the interview.  Try and include mostly skills that could be used in another job.

A cover letter is something that usually accompanies a resume.  It can be seen as a more comprehensive look at your resume.  It may go more in depth in the different tasks you had in past jobs and how it can help you in the future.  Most importantly it should talk about your transferable skills; those skills that are not job specific and important on all jobs.  These include being on time, working well with others, responsibility, honesty and completing work in a timely matter.

If you are one of the lucky ones that get an interview be prepared to put on a show.  First off dress is very important, try not to have colours on that are too loud.  You want to ensure you are very neat and dress appropriately for the situation. Maintaining eye contact is important when talking to the interviewer.  Honesty is very important in an interview if you lie and get hired if they find out you lied they have grounds to fire you.  Prepare beforehand if you were fired for something bad be prepared to answer questions about it and say what you learned.  It is good to search online for the position you are seeking because you can find some practice questions the interviewer might ask.  Make sure stay friendly through the meeting and look excited to work there.

Lastly I was naive in thinking that the best person gets the job and that is not true.  You must use any advantage you can than is legal to get the job.  If you are beautiful person and think it might help include a passport picture when submitting your resume.  If you know someone in the company who may have some power; whether they go to your church, live nearby or family try and get them to help your chances.



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