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Richard Sherman has become a household name over the last week by both football fans and non fans.  He has been called alot of things mainly “thug” but what really what did he do?

Did he commit a off the field violation?  Well if he did do something that was against the NFL rules or policies he would have been suspended or fined.  Did he do drugs or has he tested positive for banned or illegal drugs? Was he arrested or accused of a crime?  Did he curse on national television?  The answer to all these questions is NO.  So then what is America’s problem with Sherman.

The main problem America has with him is RACE.  Truth is a black man with dreadlocks who is screaming near a WHITE woman is scary for white america because they are afraid of what he would do.  As a black person the behavior of some of us have led America to these fears.  However until Sherman does something that is against the rules and the law we cannot judge him based on less than 2 minutes.

Why the NFL needs Richard Sherman? The NFL needs Richard Sherman because number one he does what is asked of him.  Despite the fact that he comes off as cocky  he doesn’t go rogue he plays the plays that are called for him.  What makes him so good?  His intellect and amazing physical talents allow him to make plays that others can’t.  What is amazing?  This guy is playing this well and makes under a million dollars a year.  In the past we have glorified showboaters like Deion Saunders who is one of my all time favorite players.  Look at some of the NFL players today; beating up their mom, DUI, busted with marijuana, beating their wives and having an army of outside children.  Why is Sherman who does not have a record of being in trouble come off so bad?  This is one of the guys with a Stanford Education who after football can get a legitimate good job other than hosting a pregame show.

I love what Sherman said and love what he did.  Like Herm Edwards said…He put his name on it.  If you are the best I say brag about it.  People may say this is not good sportmanship but football is a tough gritty game and I want my players to be tough and gritty too.  I laugh at the media though because they think they are playing Sherman and maybe he is playing them.  2 weeks ago outside of football fans  no one knew his name and now hate him or like him he is a household name.

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This weekend will be an amazing one of football.  Regardless of regular season records for both conferences most people felt that these were the 4 best teams this year and they made it.

We will start off with the NFC which should be one of the great defensive battles of all time.  Both teams are sort of mirror images of each other.  They both have amazing running games and very athletic quarterbacks.  Seattle should have the advantage when you compare the defensive backs and San Fran may have a slight advantage when it comes to the defensive line.  Kapernick is faster to me than Wilson but Wilson makes the best decisions and is the better quarterback.  49ers by far have a better receiving corp with Crabtree, Davis and Boldin which should be a great matchup against the Seahawks amazing secondary.  Gore and Lynch are both physical “grinders” at running back but Lynch is faster and I would pick him out of the 2.  Truth is this is one of my hardest picks ever and I am thinking this may go into overtime which will be classic.  Two great coaches who players love to play for.  I have to go with the momentum that the 49ers have and pick them to win.  Whether Percy Harvin can play or not will have a big impact on the game.

49ers 19 Seahawks 16

The AFC Championship is like the headliner of a major boxing match. Manning and Brady is what everyone wants to see.  It is kind of sad both are in the AFC so we will never see a Manning / Brady Superbowl but this is the next best thing.  Starting off with coaches John Fox is a good coach but Belichick is incredible and may go down as the best ever.  It is going to always be an argument between which QB is the best.  Manning is thought to be the better regular season QB while Brady has had more success in the post season.  Peyton has 3 great receivers, great running back and a great tight end.  Brady has some unknowns and 2 solid receivers.  It is basically two great offences against two average defenses.  Both teams have great run games that are based on the explosiveness of their pass games.  In the end it will be Belichick with his great planning that pulls of the win.

Patriots 34 Broncos 24

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Chargers and the Broncos

Let’s start off with the Chargers and the Broncos.  Peyton Manning is one of the best QB’s ever if not the best.  His only critisicm is that he can’t play in cold and he is not as great in the playoffs.  The cold itself may not be a factor maybe it’s just playing away from home that might be a little difficult for him.  The reality of it all is that Peyton isnt completely to blame for when his teams failed in playoffs past.  Teams in the playoffs make their defensive schemes to take away Manning and the rest of the team does not step up that is why they lose.  Denver is a team that has alot of pressure on it.  It is not one of them teams that sees going to the playoffs as an accomplishment; they are built to win now and anything short of at least a Superbowl appearance is not accepatble.  Philip Rivers is an amazing QB and the Chargers are playing with house money.  These guys with skill and alot of luck got into the playoffs so it is an exciting ride and I don’t think it will end this week.  It will be a very close game it could be a shootout but the Chargers will find a way to pull it out because these teams see each other twice a year.


Colts and Patriots

The matchup that most people would love is if Broncos won and Colts won this week so that the AFC Championship would be Luck against his predecessor Manning.  Sorry to say that won’t happen this year.  The Patriots will win this one.  Andrew Luck showed us last week that in his second year he is even better than we thought.  They proved to be a team that despite losing a big piece in Reggie Wayne; they came together and steped up to the occasion.  This game will definitely be close and despite the power of both offences it may be relatively low scoring.  This year Brady is playing lights out and no the stats are not there to prove that.  They have lost Gronk, Hernandez and Welker which were Brady main targets and Brady was still able to get 12 wins.  With a week off to prepare expect Belicheck and Brady to be ready to win.



Panthers and 49ers

The Panthers deserve alot of praise for turning around their season after starting slow they finished very strong.  Cam Newton has matured through this season and is showing why he is a superstar.  They have a great running game and dominate the line of scrimage.  Their defence is one of the best in the league. They however will not win this game they have no chance.  These teams have played earlier this year and Carolina came out with the win.  This time the 49ers will come out with the victory.  These teams are known for the same things.  They all run the ball well, have QB’s who are athletic, great defences and can dominate the clock.  The difference in this is Michael Crabtree.  This one man changes 49ers from an average offence to a very good one.  Their passing game will be the key and Carolina only has Steve Smith who is a real receiver. San Fran had Boldin and davis all year but that 3rd  reciever will be a big impact.



Saints and Seahawks

Sean Payton is an amazing coach and showed last week that the Saints can pull off a win on the road in the playoffs.  He will be doing things to try and simulate the envirnoment they will be in this week in Seattle.  Truth is though the Saints defence has lost some key people on defence and despite Rob Ryan being a good defensive coordinator they won’t be able to hold Seattle in check.  Seattle does not have an amazing passing offence but their great running game allow for a decent pass game.  Drew Brees will have a difficult night against this amazing defence seeing that the Eagles defence made it hard for him.  Seattle’s defence will show up in a big way in this game and help Seattle to make it to next week to face San Fran.



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First off let me start off saying that with my picks I was 2-2 should have been 3-1 but the cursed Chiefs caused me.  Lets move on to the Wildcard Sunday.

The game with the Chargers and Bengals was a little bit of a surprise for me because Bengals have more talent and had not lost all year at home.  Chargers first off came out with the best game plan so you have to give Kudos to the coaching staff.  Philip Rivers has been playing great this year and he put forth a next great performance.  Their running game was pretty good also helping them to control the clock.  That being said this was Cincy’s game to lose and they lost it.  For a third straight year in the playoffs Dalton choked and in all 3 games combined he only threw one TD.  The Bengals had many chances but failed to capitalize and the turnovers killed them.  I don’t think much changes need to be made to the Bengals team just gaining some mental toughness so in the future they can pull out games like this.  People will talk bad about Dalton but his 3rd year and 3rd playoff appearance.  he just has to grow in future.

Moving on to what I think had to be the game of the week.  Packers and 49ers is an all time rivalry and bound to be a great game.  The 49ers but together a really good season and the packers has come with a late surge.  The Packers may have had a slight advantage because of the great home field.  Rodgers also had something he has never had which is an amazing running back.  The day after the game all the announcers will say What went wrong for Green bay?  Truth is nothing went wrong for them.  Eddie Lacy had a decent game against a great defense.  Rodgers made some great throws and the receivers made some good catches.  Their defense who was missing a few key pieces where able to hold SF to a couple field goals when TD’s should have been scored.  The fact is at the end of the game SF played their game on the last drive.  Hard smashmouth football Frank Gore up the middle.  If Dawson missed that field goal and they went into OT and GB scored a TD we would be saying; What went wrong with SF?  I do have some criticism for Jim Harbaugh though.  It was nothing that he did this year it was his decision last year picking Kapernick over Alex Smith.  Although Smith lost the game it proved he is a much better QB than Kapernick. Kapernick is big and he is a great runner which allows him to get receivers open.  You can see from his throws though he has a big arm but he is not that accurate.  He is not making the amazing throws that he needs to.  One of his saving graces is his offensive weapons between Gore, Crabtree, Boldin and Davis; the defense had alot to deal with.  I believe that SF can still make it to the superbowl and win it but it will have to be from the defence because Kapernick will not do it on his own.




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