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This is the perfect T-SHIRT for Valentines Day


Wearing this will let everyone know that your valentine is yours and only yours…NO SHARING. Buy this if you have someone in your life who you never want to let go of and display your feelings for them. The design is also available in Hoodie, long sleeve, relaxed fit women and slim fit women.

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This is the question of the day; do you have any real friends?  Many persons will quicky answer YES but do you really?  Alot of times  we may think we do but we do not.  The reggae artist Beres hammond sings in a song “There is no true friend when your hungry, not if he is hungry too.”  This shows you that you feel you have real friends until a REAL situation comes up then you find out who is real.  A popular saying is that a friend brings you food in prison and a real friend is sitting next to you in the cell.  This is not encouraging crime but shows that a real friend is down for you.

THE JEALOUS FRIEND. They say keep your friends close and your enemies closer and this is the mantra your jealous friend lives by.  A jealous friend is sometime hard to spot because they can conceal their jealousy.  They are the ones with the biggest smiles when you get good news and who cries the most when you get bad news.  When they are not around you however they are dissing you.  They want you to fail, they spend alot of times wishing the worst on you and try at all times to undermind you.  Some people know of their jealous friend but still keep them as friends because they have more good friendship qualities than bad.  A female jealous friend usually releases here jealousy by trying to take or sleep with her friend’s man.

  There are many users out there who like to be around people who can do things for them.  A user friend is somewhat like a parasite; they spend alot of time around the friend trying to get whatever they can.  You can easily spot this type of friend because they usually want something.  Everytime they contact you not too long after the plesentries there is the request for the favor or favors.

THE FRIEND OF CONVIENCE.  The friend of convenience is probably the most difficult friend to identify.  This type of friend can mimic the role of a real friend for a lifetime and you would never really know.  They are not necesarily bad people or bad friends, they are just not as real as you think.  This person is a friend of yours because you and them share a situation. You maybe in school or college with this person and have daily interaction with this person.  This results in you guys being in contact quite often.  Work collegues can also become good friends because you see each other everyday.  The downside of this friend is when you graduate or get fired or get a new job you no longer hear from this person.  They become friends with their new coworkers and leave you in the past.

THE REAL FRIEND. A real friend can not talk to you for years and when you talk again it is just like you talked the day before. A real friend would not go years without any contact with you though.  A real friend is that one you can call when you are in a bad sitaution and they will come to help you.  A real friend is there to celebrate your accomplishments and comforts you during your faults.  These people will never leave you and if you can’t find a friend like this its best that you don’t have one at all.


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When people mention “The One” besides from thinking of the movie we usually think of that right partner in our lives.  There is a claim that there is someone for everyone somewhere in the world.  Well since there is almost 7 billion people in a world with many different languages it is hard to believe that there is just one person who is right for you. What you can thrive for however is finding THE ONE out of the ones you meet who is best for you.

Settling…. is something we do in our personal life and our professional life it is not just about relationships.  When we go into a fast food restaurant and order a Coke and they say they are out then we settle for a Pepsi.  We don’t hate Pepsi but we prefer Coke but above all we want to quench our thirst. In this case it is impractical to wait until we can find a Coke soda but when it comes to relationships its best not to jump at the first alternative we are given.  Patience is a quality that many of us lack.  That is why in relationships we often get the Pepsi or even the Ginger Ale because we are not patient enough to get the Coke.  The thing about settling is it is sometimes better than getting what we really want.  You may want that Coke soda really bad even though you know the upset stomach it gives you later that night.  The Ginger ale however may be much gentler on your stomach although its taste is not the same as the Coke.  So that same person you see as being THE ONE may cause you so much physical and mental pain that settling is the best thing for you.

Decision making. YOU are in control of your heart so when you make a decision you have to stick with it… for your sake and for those you care about.  You cannot open up your heart to someone else if you are crazy in love with someone else you can’t have for some reason.  If you do this you run the risk of hurting a person that really cares about you.  Never rush into a decision about going into a long term relationship with someone because it can be disastrous if you are wrong.

What THE ONE should NOT be.  The one shouldn’t be the most beautiful or sexy person that you know.  These physical attributes please us visually but doesn’t make that person the right one. We shouldn’t base who we want to be with on who you can make the best looking children with.  The truth is as we age and other circumstances can cause looks to go away and then this person would no longer be so special.  This is not to say that you shouldn’t have a beautiful or sexy partner it just should not be your main criteria.  Part of the physical part of the relationship is sex and the person you are with and you should have a good sexual connection.  However you should not choose that person that has your eyes closed, fist clenched on the sheets, moaning and groaning at the top of your lungs during sex just based on this fact.  Money is also not a reason to believe a person is the right one for you.  Wealth is something that does not always last and when it goes away then what is left?

What THE ONE should be. This has to be the person you cannot live your life without.  Someone you wake up thinking of and go back to sleep thinking about.  That special one that always has your best interest at heart and rather be doing something boring with you than doing something exciting with someone else.  They can be your lover and your friend at the same time; who you can tell all your secrets to.  They have to be your world and you are their own.

In closing just choose your partner wisely because what may seem GOOD to you is not always BEST for you.

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First off I know what you are saying and its a generalization, it is but in all honestly MOST men do not want a female friend.  The fact is MOST females want a male friend.  Women feel that male friends are not the same drama as female friends and feel somewhat safer telling them their secrets.  Women also want someone to give them a male opinion on a situation and help them when they are going through things.

Of course reading this you may say “well I know alot of females who have male friends” and you are right but the fact is that male was probably never looking for a female friend.  A friend simply defined as someone you like to be with and helps support a next person.  So there are some men and women who are acquaintances but if they are in jail 1oclock in the morning they can’t call that person to bail them out.

So if you really have a male friend I can tell how 90% of you met. You either went to high school, college or worked together at some time.  Hardly ever a man meets a woman in the club and ends up being her friend.  In most cases these men who are your friend originally wanted you in a relationship but settled as a friend.

The first reason males don’t want a female friend is because alot of youll to put it loosely are COCK BLOCKERS.  I say that because you are out with your male friend and all over him.  Other females that maybe interested in him see you’ll and think THATS HIS GIRL.  And even if he goes to try approach a girl she would be thinking bad of him because she thinks you are a couple.  Women are actually jealous when it comes to their male friend.  If one of their female friends ask them to hook up her and your male friend you would usually say “naw girl you ain’t his type”, the same thing you would tell that male friend if he asks about one of them.  Women do this out of fear that if your male friend and female friend get together you are going to lose a male friend, so its really out of selfishness.

Reason 2 is because in all honesty alot of times that male friend wants you and you know it. However you torture him by keeping him close to you knowing his feelings and knowing you have no interest in him.

Reason 3 is that alot of times the friendship will be kind of one sided.  A woman wants that male friend to complain to about her bf, she wants to get that good advice.  If that male friend comes to her for relationship help alot of times she doesn’t want to give him any of the SECRETS TO WOMEN. She usually is not there for him like he is there for her.  A woman friends always needs favors whether it is burrowing money, a ride, help moving something but in alot of cases cannot offer these favors in return.

Reason 4 why a man doesn’t want a female friend is because you are NOT A MAN.  He can’t hang with you and talk raw like he does around the boys.  He can’t watch the football or basketball game with you, he can’t go out and get drunk with you.

I will admit there are a few very good female friends out there who do not act this way and can hang out just like one of the boys.  Make no mistake though ladies if you have a male friend realize that in most cases his intention was never to become friends.  If you ever watched the show the Office with jim and pam you would see jim was only keeping her close so he could get into her panties.  So ladies for the new year try and be a better female friend to the males that befriend you and if you feel like it GIVE HIM SOME LOL!

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The typical cry from alot of women is “Where are all the good men?” and that question can be answered in many ways depending on what you call a good man.  One of the biggest problem in women finding a good man is that they want too much from one man.  There is a popular picture of a skeleton looking out a window with the caption; waiting on the perfect man.  It is funny but in some cases true.

The first thing a woman needs to do to find a good man is not finding out what she needs but what she doesn’t need.  You may go to the food store and have $100 and the bill comes to $120.  Your only option is to put back some stuff and you decide this by the things that are less important to you.  Well in relationships a woman has to figure out the qualities that she needs in her man and not just what she wants.

Some women are more superficial and they want the amazing house, beautiful car, expensive trips and clothing. There are alot of independent women out there but if these are things she want from her man she has to accept certain things.  First off her man won’t have that much time to spend with her or a possible family because of the time he is spending making this money.  Her man also has more control over her because he knows she has to stay with him in order for her lifestyle to continue.  This kind of woman will have to accept that this man will have other women also because of his wealth.

There are some women who are more attracted to the physical aspect of a man.  Some like the color of a man, the good hair and good looks.  Other go crazy over the body or what a man can do for them in the bedroom.  Again if the man is very attractive or good in bed there is a good chance she is not the only woman that wants him or has him.  So a woman who needs a man like this has to be able to handle the cheating factor because it comes with the territory.

Security is an important quality to a woman also, so some women have to have a guy she feels safe with.  Often this guy who makes her feel safe has a little bit or alot of bad boy to him.  With the bad boy she runs the risk of being abused both physically and mentally.  The bad boy usually is a cheater too who is extremely jealous.

It has to be noted first off it is true that a good man is hard to find just as a good woman is hard to find.  It is hard to find all of the qualities we seek in one person.  Lyfe Jennings has a song called statistics that basically says only 10% of men are worth being in a relationship with.  The first obstacle in finding a good man is the statistics are against women.  There are more women then men and some men are gay so not every woman can have their OWN MAN.

So step 1 is finding a man who is not married, engaged or in a relationship.  Avant’s song Lie about us said it all when it comes to wanting a man who is married.  They can promise all day but the fact is if they don’t leave their wife in the 1st year you met him it’s a low chance of it happening.  There are easy ways to find out if a man is married or in a relationship.  One of them is he doesn’t want to go out in public with you because he doesn’t want to be caught. He is not available when you want him because he is in a next relationship.  He does not want to take any pics with you because he can’t be seen with you.  He doesn’t introduce you to any of his family of friends.  Once you have found a man who is single it’s time to move on top step 2.

Step 2 is weighing your options.  Find a guy that has more of the qualities you like than those you don’t like.  Everyone has their bad habits but make sure he doesn’t have too many bad and not enough good.  Make sure your guy is really into you.  If you are very pretty, have big breast or a big booty make him work for awhile to get it.  If you see him begin to distance from you because he is not getting it yet then you know he is more into your body.  You have to make sure that you like being around this guy. Yes he may have physical qualities or a very nice guy but if you do not enjoy his company it will never work.

Step 3 is compromise.  Your guy doesn’t have to be the most attractive but you have to be in some way attracted to him for it to work.  Honesty is an important part of any relationship and this quality shouldn’t be compromised.  The character of a man is important. Just because your guy won’t go and beat up a guy because he looked at you hard doesn’t mean you should pass on him.  Some guys will not have that rugged bad boy character but they will treat you good and in the end that is important.  Finance are also important while you don’t have to be with a guy with a million dollars you should find a man that helps take care of you. There is nothing wrong with starting off with a man who is not making much money once that man has a plan for the future that make sense. DO NOT fall for a dreamer who has alot of big plans to be rich but currently only has $5 in the bank.

Step 4 is not to be rushed.  Alot of women marry or are in relationships for the wrong reason.  Their mother or women in their family say you are older now you need to be married.  A woman sees all of her friends getting married and feels jealous and left out.  Some women cannot stand to be alone so they are anxious to get into a relationship.  Now again I am not saying wait for perfect  but wait awhile for GOOD because you do not want to be in a relationship and you are not happy.

Step 5 is not overlooking good men.  Alot of women have that male friend that they absolutely adore but they have FRIEND ZONED HIM. They designate that he can only be friends with her and alot of times they know the guy is attracted to them.  Truth is what would be better than being with a person who is also your best friend.  They often say “Why my BF can’t be good like you” and the truth is he could be.

In closing one of the main downfalls of women when choosing a man is planning to change him. People can change but it was once said we develop our personalities by age 6 so the phrase can’t teach a old dog new tricks is relevant.  The truth is some women are not ready for a relationship should they shouldn’t even be seeking one.  However for those who are I hope this helped.


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