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I know after reading this article you will classify as a Jordan fan boy and a Lebron hater; I am a Jordan fan but not really a Lebron hater. I hope that you give my article a read first and I am pretty sure at the end you will be in agreement with me.

When Lebron was on the Cavs I was actually a fan of his until “The decision”.  I am not a Cavs fan but I was pretty sure he was staying with them.  Although this cannot be proven I believe that Lebron by his grumblings to ownership probably cost Mike Brown his job.  It is very sad when a coach who has won 66 and 61 games in back to back seasons is released.  Aside from that the self proclaimed ‘King’ left his hometown not in search of winning but in search of greatness.

To a non sports fan the things I am about to say may sound weird or stupid rules but most sports fans would accept these in judging greatness.  To start it off in the prime of your career ONE OF THE GREATS never leaves his team to go and try win a ring; people come to him.  It is acceptable however for someone like Malone or Nash on the near end of their career joining a next team in search of a ring; strange huh?  Truth is he abandoned a very good Cavs team who were probably like one or two players away from winning a title.  On the surface people believe Lebron left to win but Lebron really left to try and be better than Jordan.  He knows that to even be in the conversation he has to win at least 4 titles because Kobe has 5 and MJ has 6.

On the basketball court in a normal community what Lebron did by going to the Heat would be called cheating.  Why I say that because whenever you are picking teams; the two best are usually the ones who pick the teams and it would be unfair for them to be on the same team.  When the Heat first came together the “Big 3” were 3 of the best 15 arguably best 12 players in the league. The concept of having that much talent on 1 team in just 3 players was unheard of before. To their credit they have won 2 titles but they have lost one which is somewhat a failure seeing the team they had.

One of my biggest issues with Lebron is his inability to really take over a game.  Sure if you look on his stat sheet you will see great numbers but if you watch the games he never really takes over the game like he does have the ability too.  I look at a player like Kevin Durant and I am just in awe.  When they said Westbrook would miss another 20 or more games I was like o ok that is it for OKC they might keep an 8 seed but KD has been unguardable and put his time in prime position.  When it comes to physical talent Lebron probably has more than MJ, Bird, Magic, Jabbar, Wilt but he doesn’t have the heart those guys had.

When Lebron made the statement that he would be on the basketball Mt Rushmore it disturbed me because that statement showed he is missing the point.  Jordan never went out there trying to be the greatest he went out there trying to win. Just like in any walk of life if you are great then people will make that decision not you.  With two championships and some MVP’s Lebron is far from one of the greatest.  And make no mistake championships goes a long way in evaluating this if not he would have even more competition from players like Iverson.

In the end Lebron needs to play basketball and try and worry about his team and their struggles and not his legacy.

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