25 Jan

Richard Sherman has become a household name over the last week by both football fans and non fans.  He has been called alot of things mainly “thug” but what really what did he do?

Did he commit a off the field violation?  Well if he did do something that was against the NFL rules or policies he would have been suspended or fined.  Did he do drugs or has he tested positive for banned or illegal drugs? Was he arrested or accused of a crime?  Did he curse on national television?  The answer to all these questions is NO.  So then what is America’s problem with Sherman.

The main problem America has with him is RACE.  Truth is a black man with dreadlocks who is screaming near a WHITE woman is scary for white america because they are afraid of what he would do.  As a black person the behavior of some of us have led America to these fears.  However until Sherman does something that is against the rules and the law we cannot judge him based on less than 2 minutes.

Why the NFL needs Richard Sherman? The NFL needs Richard Sherman because number one he does what is asked of him.  Despite the fact that he comes off as cocky  he doesn’t go rogue he plays the plays that are called for him.  What makes him so good?  His intellect and amazing physical talents allow him to make plays that others can’t.  What is amazing?  This guy is playing this well and makes under a million dollars a year.  In the past we have glorified showboaters like Deion Saunders who is one of my all time favorite players.  Look at some of the NFL players today; beating up their mom, DUI, busted with marijuana, beating their wives and having an army of outside children.  Why is Sherman who does not have a record of being in trouble come off so bad?  This is one of the guys with a Stanford Education who after football can get a legitimate good job other than hosting a pregame show.

I love what Sherman said and love what he did.  Like Herm Edwards said…He put his name on it.  If you are the best I say brag about it.  People may say this is not good sportmanship but football is a tough gritty game and I want my players to be tough and gritty too.  I laugh at the media though because they think they are playing Sherman and maybe he is playing them.  2 weeks ago outside of football fans  no one knew his name and now hate him or like him he is a household name.

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  1. beetwotees

    January 25, 2014 at 9:42 pm

    Update it seemed he was just fined today but it does not take away my feeling that he shouldn’t have been


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