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Since MJ left the NBA my passion for watching the game has decreased.  When the big 3 were picked in Boston it got my interest.  I was not a fan of Ray Allen but I had nothing against him either, I liked how Pierce played and I was a big fan of the Big Ticket KG.  It was 3 players who were stars through their career and past their prime.  The start of their first season resulted in some doubt but eventually they got everything together and won the championship.  The biggest doubts before this were Perkins and Rondo.  Rondo was widely considered not a suitable PG for a championship caliber team.

Fast foward a few years and Rondo is considered one of the best PG’s in the league. How did this happen?  It could be from being around great mentors like KG and Paul Pierce and a coach like Doc Rivers.  It could be from being apart of championship team.  Most of all it comes from Heart.  Rondo may have been drafted by the Suns in the first round but I am sure no one really expected him to be one of the greats.

Rondo has one downside…HIS SHOT.  His free throw and shooting percentages are not great for a point guard and that is his big downside.  His upside is on the otherhand is incredible.  First off his speed Rondo is very quick and crafty on the court which allows his team to run well.  Rondo’s passing is amazing and as of late has been either on top or near the top of the league in assists.  His ability to get to the rim easily opens up the floor for his teamates.  His toughness allows him to get a decent amount of rebounds especially considering he is just a point guard.  And if you say any list of the top 5 PG’s in the league his name has to make the list.  So why then would trading him be so bad?

Well to Rondo it would be bad because for one it is unlikely that he gets to be traded somewhere he will get to stay.  Any team who is trading for Rondo is looking to Win and Win now.  Meaning that a team trading for him have for the most part veteran players and a couple years looking to rebuild themselves.  Also being trading in the middle of a season when you are just returning from injury its difficult to build continuity.  Another big problem is that lately teams trade for the big names. That is a good thing but there are times that those players won’t fit into that coach’s style and the success will not be achieved.

On the Celtics side is bad because you have a face of an organization in Rondo and you would be trading him.  Coming across an athlete and competitor like Rondo is not an easy task and if you have him it’s best not to let him go.  Letting go Rondo would be bad because I never think you will get value for him.  You may get some draft picks but it is hard to say if those players will materialize into stars. You also have to keep Rondo because he is the last piece from that Championship team and he can show the young guys what it takes to be winners.


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