05 Jan


Saturday Wildcard football was indeed wild and was probably not what someone who bets on football would like.  The two games combined was a deficit of 3 points.

Lets start off with Indy which showed a hell of a lot of heart.  In the first half of the season Indy was a darkhorse to the superbowl.  Times have changed and no they will not make it this year but they played a game of the ages.  This first off put to bed any doubt from last year that RG3 should have been the first pick.  Luck is great and he has no quit in him.  KUDOS also goes to the coach who after being down by 28 still had his players feeling that they could win.  Now that is out of the way lets get to the real reason why the Chiefs lost.   In an earlier post I picked them to win and really they should have but in all honesty it seemed that they were cursed.  The injury monster was out in full force and seemed to take all prisoners except Alex Smith and Andy Reid.  Lets give a shout out to Smith first off who played a Hell of a game and showed he is one of the better QB’s in the NFL.  I will go as far as to say with him instead of Kapernick SF may have Won the Superbowl.  You have to also see that Andy Reid did an amazing job in turning around the team and getting them into the playoffs. Jamaal Charles is one of the best running backs in the league and they key to the Chiefs offence.  He left the game early with a concussion and that may have sealed their fate because he was their main way to control the ball and time of possesion.  The loss of Flowers their best CB and Avery a very fast receiver really contributed to their late game collapse.

The Philly and Saints game despite how powerful both offences were seemed relatively low scoring.  Drew Brees was off target for alot of the game not really connecting as he usually does.  The already beaten up Saints secondary lost probably their best remaining CB to a possible concussion.  This loss was quickly taken advantage of by the Eagles defence.  Before this however my theory on Nick Foles held true.  Teams before the year started only really had game tape on Vick and his tendencies etc.  They had very little to go on when it came to Foles that led to his success.  Foles is not a bad QB but he is not great.  The NFL is a league of adjustment and next year Foles will have a hard time achieving the success he did this year.  First off he is not a tested QB they barely pulled out a victory against the Cowboys with a backup QB.  He also only offers a pocket presence and has no ability to run which makes him one dimensional and eventually teams will be able to prepare better for him.


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