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This is the question of the day; do you have any real friends?  Many persons will quicky answer YES but do you really?  Alot of times  we may think we do but we do not.  The reggae artist Beres hammond sings in a song “There is no true friend when your hungry, not if he is hungry too.”  This shows you that you feel you have real friends until a REAL situation comes up then you find out who is real.  A popular saying is that a friend brings you food in prison and a real friend is sitting next to you in the cell.  This is not encouraging crime but shows that a real friend is down for you.

THE JEALOUS FRIEND. They say keep your friends close and your enemies closer and this is the mantra your jealous friend lives by.  A jealous friend is sometime hard to spot because they can conceal their jealousy.  They are the ones with the biggest smiles when you get good news and who cries the most when you get bad news.  When they are not around you however they are dissing you.  They want you to fail, they spend alot of times wishing the worst on you and try at all times to undermind you.  Some people know of their jealous friend but still keep them as friends because they have more good friendship qualities than bad.  A female jealous friend usually releases here jealousy by trying to take or sleep with her friend’s man.

  There are many users out there who like to be around people who can do things for them.  A user friend is somewhat like a parasite; they spend alot of time around the friend trying to get whatever they can.  You can easily spot this type of friend because they usually want something.  Everytime they contact you not too long after the plesentries there is the request for the favor or favors.

THE FRIEND OF CONVIENCE.  The friend of convenience is probably the most difficult friend to identify.  This type of friend can mimic the role of a real friend for a lifetime and you would never really know.  They are not necesarily bad people or bad friends, they are just not as real as you think.  This person is a friend of yours because you and them share a situation. You maybe in school or college with this person and have daily interaction with this person.  This results in you guys being in contact quite often.  Work collegues can also become good friends because you see each other everyday.  The downside of this friend is when you graduate or get fired or get a new job you no longer hear from this person.  They become friends with their new coworkers and leave you in the past.

THE REAL FRIEND. A real friend can not talk to you for years and when you talk again it is just like you talked the day before. A real friend would not go years without any contact with you though.  A real friend is that one you can call when you are in a bad sitaution and they will come to help you.  A real friend is there to celebrate your accomplishments and comforts you during your faults.  These people will never leave you and if you can’t find a friend like this its best that you don’t have one at all.


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  1. laurieanichols

    April 24, 2014 at 11:35 pm

    Thanks for the follow! You ask very good questions 🙂

  2. annetbell

    April 29, 2014 at 2:02 pm

    Very interesting. . .


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