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First off I know what you are saying and its a generalization, it is but in all honestly MOST men do not want a female friend.  The fact is MOST females want a male friend.  Women feel that male friends are not the same drama as female friends and feel somewhat safer telling them their secrets.  Women also want someone to give them a male opinion on a situation and help them when they are going through things.

Of course reading this you may say “well I know alot of females who have male friends” and you are right but the fact is that male was probably never looking for a female friend.  A friend simply defined as someone you like to be with and helps support a next person.  So there are some men and women who are acquaintances but if they are in jail 1oclock in the morning they can’t call that person to bail them out.

So if you really have a male friend I can tell how 90% of you met. You either went to high school, college or worked together at some time.  Hardly ever a man meets a woman in the club and ends up being her friend.  In most cases these men who are your friend originally wanted you in a relationship but settled as a friend.

The first reason males don’t want a female friend is because alot of youll to put it loosely are COCK BLOCKERS.  I say that because you are out with your male friend and all over him.  Other females that maybe interested in him see you’ll and think THATS HIS GIRL.  And even if he goes to try approach a girl she would be thinking bad of him because she thinks you are a couple.  Women are actually jealous when it comes to their male friend.  If one of their female friends ask them to hook up her and your male friend you would usually say “naw girl you ain’t his type”, the same thing you would tell that male friend if he asks about one of them.  Women do this out of fear that if your male friend and female friend get together you are going to lose a male friend, so its really out of selfishness.

Reason 2 is because in all honesty alot of times that male friend wants you and you know it. However you torture him by keeping him close to you knowing his feelings and knowing you have no interest in him.

Reason 3 is that alot of times the friendship will be kind of one sided.  A woman wants that male friend to complain to about her bf, she wants to get that good advice.  If that male friend comes to her for relationship help alot of times she doesn’t want to give him any of the SECRETS TO WOMEN. She usually is not there for him like he is there for her.  A woman friends always needs favors whether it is burrowing money, a ride, help moving something but in alot of cases cannot offer these favors in return.

Reason 4 why a man doesn’t want a female friend is because you are NOT A MAN.  He can’t hang with you and talk raw like he does around the boys.  He can’t watch the football or basketball game with you, he can’t go out and get drunk with you.

I will admit there are a few very good female friends out there who do not act this way and can hang out just like one of the boys.  Make no mistake though ladies if you have a male friend realize that in most cases his intention was never to become friends.  If you ever watched the show the Office with jim and pam you would see jim was only keeping her close so he could get into her panties.  So ladies for the new year try and be a better female friend to the males that befriend you and if you feel like it GIVE HIM SOME LOL!

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