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Every year we mark certain months in the year and mark them with a particular sport. October is the big month for baseball fans. Football is pretty big all through the season but February is the big month for them. So what is the big month for basketball. Well June of course is the finals and there is the all star break…but make no mistake Christmas Day is the biggest Day in basketball.

Christmas is the great day you get to wake up late probably due to staying up late. If your lucky enough open your gift or gifts and then wait for food. You eat and drink until you don’t feel like eating anymore in life and then again you WAIT. Although it is the height of the NFL season this is the day for the NBA.

The NBA has capitilized on this over the years and before the season they select the most popular teams…the big markets and they match a few of them up against each other. Despite your record, your popularity will get you in these Christmas games. Some teams don’t mind missing out on this game because it means they can spend time with their family.

Now to the REAL point of this article. In short the games on Christmas Day Sucks. Now if you notice I specified DAY. In the night games Spurs play Rockets and Clippers play Warriors. Those two games feature pretty good teams. The problem with those games are there is no STAR POWER for the casual fan. Me being a big NBA fan know james harden, manu ginobli, steph curry, CP3 but some of the casual fans don’t.

The first game is the Bulls and the Nets. At the start of the season this seemed like a dream matchup. Now however…. the Nets are playing horribly despite all the money spent in the offseason. Despite their star power it can’t make up for their bad play. Derrick Rose is out for the year yet again and we are left to watch KG vs Noah.

Game two is OKC vs Knicks. well the Knicks like the nets are playing very bad. what is worst for the Knicks is Melo might be out for this game. This is horrible because despite the fact in most minds OKC would destroy the knicks… the one matchup we would have locked foward to was KD one on one vs melo and even that might not happen.

The 3rd game and probably the most disapointing. The heat vs the lakers. The lakers were not any favorites to win a championship this year but with Kobe Bryant they were expected to be good. The downside now is that Kobe is out again and although Kobe a SG and Lebron a SF don’t play the same position, the hype on the promos would have been Kobe and Lebron. Despite his talent no casual fan wants to see Nick Young or a Chris kaman. No 1 besides Heat fans want to see a game that is not competitive and these games seem to be this way.

it is because of these facts that on Christmas Day I am thinking watching the turkey would be more fun that watching the NBA. But at the end of it all i have to laugh and say I am a fan so I probabaly will still watch LOL

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