23 Dec


Every season there are fans in both basketball and football who’s team loses and they say hey….games are fixed. However up until now I have always been a person who believed that it was just nonsence. After week 16 of the nfl season i am not so sure that I am a believer anymore.

The dolphins and ravens had an oppurtunity to end the seasons of both pittsburg and san diego with wins this week. the ravens was playing a very good patriots team so their loss was kind of understandable. the Dolphins however which is my team layed an absolute egg against a buffalo team with a backup qb, whose staring WR was out and lost 2 other WR in the game. It was obvious to anyone that if their season had been on the line in that game they may have had a better effort. Also just on cue…the chargers pull out a win and so does the steelers to make it 4 teams that have a chance for the last AFC playoff berth.

In the NFC the same problem seemed to exist. Dallas pulled off a win at nearly the end of the game to make sure they still have a chance next week in a game against the eagles for everything. The Lions lost eliminating them but despite the packers Lost they still have a chance to win the division next week against the Bears. The Bears had a chance to lock up the NFC North Title and really did not show up at all. Arizona beat Seatle at home for the 1st time in 2 years to give themself still an oppertunity.

What does this all mean? To me it seems like a conspiracy. The NFL does not want to lose a week of football revenue. If all the playoffs seeds were locked up this week there would be not much football to watch in week 17. It would be like a glorified preseason game. All of the playoffs teams would be resting their starters and it would be less fans in the stands and watching on tv because no1 would care.

So although no1 will ever know if some of these games are really fixed at times….but I think the evidence is there for both sides.

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