20 Dec


Well first off lets look at the notion that Dallas was bad because of Romo.  Dallas last superbowl win was sometime around the mid 90’s.  Romo did not take over as starter until around 2006.  That is like a decade of being subpar that had nothing to do with Romo.  So if its not Romo then who is the problem in Dallas?  They once got rid of TO citing that he was the problem but we have seen no vast improvement since TO has left.

If you look at Romo’s numbers they are pretty impressive.  People often say Romo chokes in December but I am of the opinion without Romo they wouldnt be even having a chance in December.  Sure Romo is not Peyton Manning or Tom Brady but I think he is better than Joe Flaco and Matt ryan and is surely in that tier right below the best NFL QB’s.

Dallas has typically in the NFC East been the team with a great amount of talent when compared with the others.  So why doesn’t this translate into wins and deep trips into the playoffs.  Well the main problem is Jerry Jones and he is at the same time the BEST and WORST thing for the Cowboys. He is the best because he spends for what is needed and he is a genius marketing person and promoter of the Cowboys. He also isnt that bad as a GM because he does recruit some pretty good talent.  He is bad because of his relationships with coaches.  His relationship with coaches has and will be his downfall.  i am sure Jimmy Johnson by now would have won the Boys at least 1 more ring by now.

Jerry Jones likes to be in control…and who doesn’t.  The problem is he has a problem with coaches that have their own beliefs.  that one of the reasons a guy like parcells could not make it there.  A guy like Wade phillips is a great coach on defence but not a great head coach.  Jason Garrett is a good assistant but SUCKS at being in charge.  What jerry liked about these guys were they are YES men and thats why the Cowboys will not succeed until they get a NO man as a coach.

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  1. BrandonTheoD

    December 24, 2013 at 6:46 pm

    Tony Romo is definitely not better than Matt Ryan. Matty Ice makes big plays at the end of games while Romo has been known to choke. I also do not think Romo is to blame for the Cowboys failures though. He puts up good numbers and wins games, just not the games that truly matter.

    • beetwotees

      December 25, 2013 at 12:54 am

      Where is Matty Ice accomplishment? Only last year he won his first playoff game. Playoffs is what matters and Matty chokes there too. Romo is a better QB

      • BrandonTheoD

        December 25, 2013 at 1:27 am

        Ryan has 23 game winning drives in his six years. In Romo’s last six years he has 14. Both of them have struggles dearly in the playoffs, so please don’t make that your claim. Romo is a choke artist and is very inaccurate. He doesn’t know how to use his weapons man. He has a 63.9 completion percentage. Terrible.


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